100,000 REVAIN tokens giveaway results

Atomars Exchange
3 min readApr 2, 2021


Dear Atomars community,
we are happy to announce the winners of the 100,000 REVAIN tokens contest.

Atomars team performed a thorough and detailed check of all entries and information provided, as a result only 476 participants made it to the final list.
- Top 15 users with the most points overall received grand prizes.
- To select 27 random winners of smaller prizes the Atomars team performed the draw using the random number generator from Random.org.
- Winners of the referral contest were selected based on the total number of confirmed qualified referrals (participants that completed basic tasks).
- Several users received both main and referral contest prizes as the number of referred users allowed them to receive extra point as per contest rules.

The Atomars team would like to thank all the participants for the amazing support of the contest.
Special thanks to all those referral contest participants!

Good luck to all of your in the next contest which is coming soon!

Our sincere congratulations to all the winners!

The full list of winners and prizes of the 100,000 REVAIN contest can be seen below.

Before you check the list of the contest winners let us remind a few things:

1. The rules of the contest were clearly stated in the Bot menu. Every single participant had an opportunity to read the rules and understand the requirements.
2. To qualify each participant had to complete basic tasks including a mandatory $1 deposit in any coins and keep the funds on the platform until the end of the contest.
3. Users that didn’t complete certain tasks or opted out before the end of the contest received less bonus points or zero total points.
4. Only users that completed basic tasks were qualified as referrals, as per the contest rules.
5. Referral contest prize participants had to follow the same basic steps including $1 deposit.


Username Prize
coinhunter88 10000 REV
pankotaipeter5 7500 REV
cryptoless 5000 REV
Snasser 2500 REV
Sofiko 1500 REV
aatoilah44 1000 REV
Adel95 1000 REV
Deyinka 1000 REV
ifire_yt7 1000 REV
jagdish1277 1000 REV
jboo231000 REV
Jeni721000 REV
Ranna 1000 REV
Rati24 1000 REV
Sakib777 1000 REV
sayed1000 REV
Targetlambo 1000 REV
Venzoar 1000 REV
VerifiedAirdrops 1000 REV
weys 1000 REV
15832241867 500 REV
ahmedakramy 500 REV
Damndamn 500 REV
Hadi20 500 REV
Irhid 500 REV
jewel23445 500 REV
JulianSchiers 500 REV
khaja3399 500 REV
khaliefk 500 REV
Lilice 500 REV
madusanka128 500 REV
marwanputra 500 REV
michalm 500 REV
Mihiraj 500 REV
Mirja112 500 REV
momentB 500 REV
OlehFesyuk 500 REV
phamphuongss 500 REV
rac98tis 500 REV
Riman250 500 REV
Senanayake 500 REV
StrandedMika 500 REV
tmshaa 500 REV
topjobs11 500 REV
Vivikuy 500 REV
Voropai 500 REV
Zibert 500 REV


Username Prize
cryptoless 10000 REV
coinhunter88 7500 REV
Sakib777 5000 REV
Fendy 2500 REV
Neha444 1500 REV
aamirshah1412 1000 REV
geethsinghe 1000 REV
jagdish1277 1000 REV
Panji_Hikaru27 1000 REV
VerifiedAirdrops 1000 REV
aatoilah44 500 REV
Adel95 500 REV
ahmedakramy 500 REV
airdroper 500 REV
Axharawan 500 REV
Benkbenk 500 REV
dediputra 500 REV
Deyinka 500 REV
h02051995 500 REV
Harrisola 500 REV
heycedo 500 REV
Jeni72 500 REV
Jozzie 500 REV
karemamer2019 500 REV
leandroxxx 500 REV
Medtechh 500 REV
MonTot 500 REV
ope123515428 500 REV
pulkitraijain 500 REV
Riman250 500 REV
Targetlambo 500 REV
TheAMoon 500 REV
Tino82 500 REV
Tope 500 REV
vsp190 500 REV
weys 500 REV
yasir786 500 REV

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