Dear Atomars community,

To improve liquidity and user trading experience Atomars exchange will remove and cease trading on the following trading pairs on 2021/04/07:




Please be aware that all active/pending orders for the pairs mentioned above will be automatically cancelled and removed.

Risk warning: Cryptocurrency trading is subject to high market risk. Please make your trades cautiously. Atomars exchange will not be responsible for your trading losses.

Thanks for your trust and support of Atomars!

The Atomars Team


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Atomars team is excited to introduce the API v2.0 with improved functionality, performance and security.
Now users can create multiple API keys and enable various options for each API key (reading the data, spot trading and/or transfers of assets).

Users can enable and manage their API functionality via User Profile → API Management, as shown in the screenshots below.

Login to your Atomars account and go to Profile → API Management.

When you first access the API Management page system will ask you to create your fist API key.

Dear Atomars community,
we are happy to announce the winners of the 100,000 REVAIN tokens contest.

Atomars team performed a thorough and detailed check of all entries and information provided, as a result only 476 participants made it to the final list.
- Top 15 users with the most points overall received grand prizes.
- To select 27 random winners of smaller prizes the Atomars team performed the draw using the random number generator from
- Winners of the referral contest were selected based on the total number of confirmed qualified referrals (participants that completed basic tasks). …

Atomars Exchange lists CHILIZ (CHZ) with the following trading pairs CHZ/BTC, CHZ/USDT, CHZ/BUSD.

ZERO 0% trading fee for CHZ/BTC, CHZ/USDT, CHZ/BUSD pairs until 28.04.2021

Start trading CHILIZ today, visit


Chiliz is one of the largest blockchains for e-sports and gaming crowdfunding. The idea for Chiliz and the platform were initially conceived in 2016.
Chiliz is a token designed to allow fans to support their favorite sports teams through blockchain-based interactions.

The platform also aims to allow fans to buy tokenized voting rights for the teams they support. Football club Juventus was the first to…

Atomars Exchange lists PANCAKESWAP (CAKE) with the trading pairs: CAKE/BTC, CAKE/USDT, CAKE/BUSD.

ZERO 0% trading fee for CAKE/BTC, CAKE/USDT, CAKE/BUSD pairs until 26.04.2021

Start trading CAKE today, visit


PancakeSwap is an automated market maker (AMM) — a decentralized finance (DeFi) application that allows users to exchange tokens, providing liquidity via farming and earning fees in return.

It is a decentralized exchange for swapping BEP20 tokens on Binance Smart Chain. PancakeSwap uses an AMM model where users trade against a liquidity pool. …

Atomars exchange lists VENUS (XVS) with the trading pairs: XVS/BTC, XVS/USDT, XVS/BUSD.

ZERO 0% trading fee for XVS/BTC, XVS/USDT, XVS/BUSD pairs until 21.04.2021

To start trading XVS today, visit


Venus is an algorithmic money market and synthetic stablecoin protocol launched exclusively on Binance Smart Chain (BSC).

The protocol introduces a simple-to-use crypto asset lending and borrowing solution to the decentralized finance (DeFi) ecosystem, enabling users to directly borrow against collateral at high speed while losing less to transaction fees. In addition, Venus allows users to mint VAI stablecoins on-demand within seconds by posting at least 200%…

Atomars Exchange lists MANTRA DAO (OM) with the trading pairs: OM/BTC, OM/USDT.

ZERO 0% trading fee for OM/BTC, OM/USDT pairs until 18.04.2021

To start trading OM today, visit


MANTRA DAO is a decentralized finance platform with a specific focus on staking, lending and decentralized governance. The project is being built on the blockchain RioChain and will be connected with Polkadot. It is intended to act as an ecosystem for Web 3.0.

The platform uses a native utility token, OM, for staking, lending and governance. While the project plans to move to the Polkadot network, the token has been initially issued on the Ethereum blockchain.

Learn more about MANTRA DAO:
- Official Website:
- Twitter:
- Telegram:

#Atomars #MantraDAO #OM #Listing #Cryptocurrency #Blockchain

Atomars Exchange lists ESCOIN (ELG) with the trading pair: ELG/USDT.

ZERO 0% trading fee for ELG/USDT pair until 24.03.2021

Start trading ELG today, visit


The purpose of Escoin includes providing clients and law firms establish mutual cooperation in the digital environment in accordance with common interests by eliminating the country’s borders and providing the entire infrastructure they need. In doing so, the aim is to expand the network and thus to provide a more transparent and healthy business model.

Learn more about ESCOIN:
- Official Website:
- Twitter:
- Telegram:

#Atomars #EsCoin #ELG #Listing #Cryptocurrency #Blockchain

Atomars Exchange lists SHD CASH (SHDC) with the trading pair: SHDC/USDT.

ZERO 0% trading fee for SHDC/USDT pair until 8.03.2021

To start trading SHDC today, visit

Learn more about SHD CASH (SHDC):
- Official Website:
- Twitter:
- Telegram:

#Atomars #SHDCash #SHDC #Listing #Cryptocurrency #Blockchain

Atomars Exchange lists EMPLOYMENT COIN (EC2) with the trading pairs: EC2/USDT.

ZERO 0% trading fee for EC2/USDT pairs until 15.02.2021

To start trading EC2 today, visit


Employment Coin “EC2” is an ERC-20 crypto currency running on the Ethereum BlockChain. The patent pending platform allows Employers to receive crypto currency by running the time and project management software “TMS”. TMS is a flagship platform of the project and is based from the Agile project workflow in a Kanban format.

Learn more about EMPLOYMENT COIN (EC2):
- Official Website:
- Twitter:
- Telegram:

#Atomars #EmploymentCoin #EC2 #Listing #Cryptocurrency

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