A General Guide on Everipedia (IQ)

What is Everipedia?

One of Everipedia’s main features is that it comes with more modern tools and features compared to other encyclopedias today. It also reward users with its tokens, designated as IQ, through blockchain technology to create and curate content, letting users participate in the knowledge base governance.

With more than 6 million English articles, all from the English Wikipedia, Everipedia’s encyclopedia is regarded as one of the largest online encyclopedias in the world and is a fork to Wikipedia because it provides a larger range of articles than the English Wikipedia. The name Everipedia is a portmanteau of the words ‘everything’ and ‘encyclopedia.’

Wikipedia has been censored in several countries, including China, Russia, Iran, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and Syria but also in Western countries like the United Kingdom and France. The censorship was often due to political reasons and cases of content deemed offensive. However, with Everipedia, no content can be censored as Everipedia is hosted on the EOS blockchain.

History of Everipedia

At a conference at the California State Polytechnic University, Pomona, George Beall and Christian Deciga were introduced as co-founders. In December 2017, Larry Sanger, co-founder of Wikipedia became the CIO of Everipedia, but resigned in October 2019. Sanger always believed he could improve on Wikipedia. He envisioned a platform that solved the problems of Wikipedia by introducing more people and experts, and creating articles of higher quality with less trolls dominating proceedings.

Difference between Wikipedia and Everipedia

Everipedia Neutral Internet Protocol

Everipedia utilizes a decentralized management scheme, which means for any changes to be carried out on articles, over 51% of IQ token holders must first agree. Decentralization takes out the possibility of a single entity or person making important decisions.


Theodor Forselius is the CEO and co-founder. He is an Internet entrepreneur and programmer of Swedish descent who gained experience in digital advertising, web development and online gaming while co-founding Everipedia.

Travis Moore joined the team as a co-founder and CTO on April 2015, and in May 2015, Mahbod Moghadam, also known by the alias “Maboo”, joined the company as a co-founder.

By late 2015, Everipedia hired several executive directors to boost growth, provide additional content strategies and review content, some of which include Christian Deciga, Romi Ezzo, David Liebowitz and Navin Vethanayagam, all of whom have specific roles in the company.

Suchet Dhindsa joined as Everipedia’s COO in September 2017. Larry Sanger announced in December 6, 2017, he would join the Everipedia team as Chief Information Officer. Everipedia announced later that day that they would be moving the entire editing process and storage of articles to the EOS blockchain. In July 2019, Daniel Liebeskind became Everipedia’s Chief Product Officer.

IQ Token

Competitors Info

Wikipedia is an open project, multilingual encyclopedia that was launched in 2001 and is maintained by a community of volunteer editors using a wiki-based editing system. It is recognized as the largest and most popular general reference platform on the internet. The Wikimedia foundation owns and supports it.


Steem is a cryptocurrency that powers Steemit, a blockchain-based social media platform that grows communities by providing revenue streams for users and rewarding them for creating and curating content with Steem.


Encyclopedia Britannica is a general knowledge encyclopedia in British-English. It was formerly published by Encyclopedia Britannica, Inc. and was written by over 100 full-time editors and over 4000 contributors. About 60% of Encyclopedia Britannica’s revenue comes from online operations, of which 15% are derived from subscriptions to the consumer version of the website.

Unique / Key Features against its competitors

● Everipedia presents a new incentive structure and a distributed backend that is hosted on a blockchain; this new knowledge base improves on all of Wikipedia’s fundamental features.

● The incentive structure makes advertisements or donations not as necessary, which differs from traditional platforms.

● Enables anyone to become a stakeholder in the system rank, issuing tokens and rewards for content curation.

● Allows for live and permanent edits of the blockchain beyond the control of a central authority.

● It is open to people from all over the world.

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