A General Guide on Horizen (ZEN)

What is Horizen?

In May, 2017, Horizen was launched by Rob Viglione and Rolf Verslius as a Zclassic fork with all Zclassic owned before block 110,000 receiving a 1:1 ratio of Horizen.

What this means is that anyone that had 100 Zclassic, will receive 100 Horizen. This approach mimicked an airdrop, preserving Zclassic while at the same time bringing community support to Horizen.

In the first four years of Zcash, 20% of Zcash’s Founder’s Reward began to be removed amid slow start to the money supply. The reason for the expansion into a new fork was due to a need to solve the problems of security by improving on functionality as a fully encrypted network along with implementing new economic and governance models.

How Does Horizen Work?

  • ZenChat — Although there is already a messaging feature with Zcash, up to now, no wallet has taken advantage of it. ZenChat utilizes a secure communications network to enable use of its features. ZenChat messages are encrypted with some of the industry’s most recognized and trusted algorithms, such as AES-256. With the use of 512 character limit text field of a transaction, messages can be tagged and sent to users. This encourages secure commerce and communication.
  • ZenPub — This is an anonymous publishing platform that uses IPFS that is being planned as ZenCash development progresses. However, the IPFS system can extend to other distributed archives.
  • ZenHide — ZenHide offers the ability to bypass crypto-commerce blocking through domain fronting. Users and crypto data can be protected from regulator bans in countries hostile to cryptocurrencies.

ZEN Token Summary

The block reward is 12.5 ZEN, with a block mined approximately every 2 and a half minutes. Every four years, rewards are halved and distributed with 20% split evenly between secure nodes and super nodes, while 10% will go to the Horizen/ZenCash team treasury, and the miners being rewarded 70%.

Secure nodes act as master nodes and are required to stake 42 ZEN. Unlike similar projects, it can secure the node through the use of end-to-end encryption, just like you’d find in popular messengers.

Many cryptocurrency exchange markets trade ZenCash, including Binance, Bittrex, Upbit, DragonEX, OKEx, COSS and Sistemkoin. ZEN is traded in pairs with BTC, ETH and USDT.

ZenCash secures transfers using commercial content distribution networks (CDN) and Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS) as well as zero-knowledge Non-Interactive Arguments of Knowledge (zk-SNARKS) cryptography. This means that ZEN provides the highest levels of privacy and security by being both anonymous and pseudonymous.


Rob Viglione (Team Lead)

Rolf Versluis (Executive Advisor)

Alberto Garoffolo (Director of R&D)

Rosario Pabst (Director Product & Engineering)

Other members of the team are:

Pier Stabilini — Software Manager

Pierre Schiro — Sr Software Developer

Franck De Girolami — Sr Software Developer

Nicola Onassis — Sr Software Developer

Allan Dumaine — Sr Software Developer

Cronic — Infrastructure Manager

James McCourt Cordingley (Mac) — Infrastructure

Johncarlo Maddalena — Testing

Sergii Makukha — Sr Software Engineer

Vadym Fedyukovych — Applied Cryptographer

Oleksandr Iozhytsia — Sr Software Engineer

Andrey Sobol — Consensus Protocol Expert

Oleg Aleksandrov — Sr Software Engineer

Daniele Di Benedetto — Software Engineer

Marcelo Kaihara, PhD Sr Software Engineer

Alberto Sala — Sr Software Engineer

Giuseppe Fusco — Software Engineer

Jonas Rubel Horizen — Developer Environment Support

Competitor info

FortKnoxster (FKX):



Where to Buy and Store ZEN

Unique / Key Features Against its Competitors

Novel approach. Horizen offers a unique blockchain-based platform, several blockchains with decoupled consensus that are linked through common CCTP, scalability, it is completely configurable to meet heterogeneous needs, and includes embedded incentives for endogenous growth.

Sidechain SDK. It offers application developers an array of tools for deploying blockchains that leverage a large compensated node network as well as a suite of textit zero knowledge privacy tools.

Unique synchronization. The Horizen sidechains use a special method of synchronization that lets sidechain networks follow the history of the Horizen mainchain in a way that it is able to extract information for that particular sidechain.

Secure Node operations: Internode communications encrypts ZenCash node communication in a way so that it looks like other encrypted internet traffic which secures the activities on Zencash platform and prevents blockage of the network’s nodes and users.

Privacy: ZEN coins can be sent via off-the-grid transactions through the use of private and anonymous messages to include context to payments with the end-user’s identity hidden.

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