A General Overview of NULS (NULS)

What is NULS?

NULS is “nothing” essentially means there is no prescribed niche market or main aim in mind and NULS is “anything” means that you can build with it to accomplish anything a blockchain can do.

What Does NULS Do?

NULS proposes a development model that is just like Linux kernel development. Certain aspects of blockchain development have been broken into modules like smart contracts, ledger, storage, consensus, etc.

Developers don’t have to learn the overall code base to start building and contributing code as the NULS team provides tools for each module.

This modular approach aims to solve a problem that both new and established cryptocurrencies contend with which is encouraging developer resources. Blockchain technology is still quite new and together with the fact that cryptocurrencies are highly profitable, committed developers are now a scarce resource.

Open sourcing code is not new in cryptocurrency and many people in the industry insist a project must be open-source in order to validate security and transparency claims.

In reality, most companies maintain legitimacy by just taking the code that their in-house developers have written and posting it to Github. Those same companies would be glad to get outside developers to contribute code and check work, but in-house development, done with in-house decision making, increases difficulty when coordinating with the outside world and creating a sense of inclusion in the community.

NULS turns their focus outwards and make community contribution a foundation of Nuls’ development, creating a sense of belonging among the large community of developers. They may or may not contribute a full time employee’s amount of code, but eventually they can accomplish more as a collective.

The NULS Team

While in banking security, Zhang handled security for mobile banking devices, smart card security and security for treasury payments, at the same time he also contributed to PC banking security.

NULS second co-founder is Lily Wang, who is credited with the idea for the project. She was working for Chongqing TV & Science Educational Channel and Weijingtong, which provides daily news to the Chinese community in Singapore when she came up with the idea for NULS. Lily is a skilled strategist and negotiator who seeks to create global multilateral cooperation channels. She is always working to promote NULS in order to accelerate global awareness and adoption.

The third and final co-founder is Reaper Ran, who currently serves as the community leader at NULS. Since 2013, he has been a student of blockchain technology and deeply understands community operations, stemming from his experience working with the BitShares community as well as being a board member of the NEO community. Reaper’s primary goal is to improve the NULS community’s growth and maintenance.

Where to Buy NULS

Where to Store NULS


Trust is simpler with NULS, which will increase the rate of adoption of blockchain technology by businesses. They will lower entry cost by removing complexity and increasing the number of developers that can program blockchain applications.

With all of this together, the NULS ecosystem is sure to benefit developers, businesses and crypto enthusiasts by providing necessary solutions and increasing blockchain technology’s usage and adoption.

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