Aion (AION) Will Be Listed On Atomars

About Aion

They basically intend creating a platform similar to the internet, but designed specifically for blockchain. The way Aion works is like a network bridge for the transfer of data and value seamlessly across Aion-compliant blockchains.

The Aion platform was designed with high scalability, which leads to faster processing of transactions, as well as higher data transfer capacity and the ability to customize public and private enterprise blockchains.

The Aion Network

Aion Token Bridge

  1. To sign and broadcast interchain transactions as soon as they are packaged in a block and transaction forwarding fee paid.
  2. Keeps connecting network informed of merkle hash updates with regards to the contributing network.

There can be more than one bridge on a blockchain if multiple verifiers sign up and use identifiers that are not similar. Each bridge is seen as distinct by the connecting network, even though messages are being broadcast and received towards the same network. It is then the user’s responsibility to identify the bridge they would like to use by providing their network ID.

This intends to benefit the network and users since it creates a competition between several bridging networks with regards to stability and pricing. A reputation is developed by each network, as market demand ensures the best pricing for bridge users.

The Aion Blockchain Team

The Aion team is led by CEO Matthew Spoke who is also on the board of directors for Ethereum Enterprise Alliance, CTO Jinius Tu and COO Ian Chan and other experienced members who together found an opportunity to resolve the issue of blockchain Interoperability plaguing the crypto industry.

Aion will be Listing on Atomars

About Atomars

Fast and Secure Digital Assets Exchange Platform

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