All About Roobee (ROOBEE)

What Is Roobee?

Roobee is an investment software platform based on blockchain that uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) and transparent statistics to enable people to invest in products with a high threshold like real estate, investment funds, ambitious startups, IPO stocks, crypto projects, and others, starting from just $10. Roobee is built on the principles of security, ease of access and use, transparency of operations, investment automation, and personalized asset management.

Roobee has $15 million allocated to it. The platform has created a community of more than 300,000 members. In the first round of pre-seed, Roobee raised $4.5 million when an anonymous crypto whale called 200m_trader invested in the platform.

What Problems Does Roobee Solve?

A majority of the world’s population are not professional investors. Therefore, they have no idea where and how to invest idle money. For the most part, these people are not able to directly access the investment markets, they don’t trust asset managers, and do not even know they exist. In fact, people in small towns usually have no opportunity to invest capital in reliable products that are available for investment in another country or city. Roobee seeks to bring the global investment market to everyone, regardless of location or amount of idle money. The range of investment products and tools provides an opportunity for users to invest in a uniform software platform starting from $10 (0.002 BTC).

Investor security is falling as there are few transparent and trackable statistics that show the performance efficiency of many investment managers, funds, and products in the investment world. This makes product selection difficult and increases the risk of choosing disreputable investment products. Many investors have come across them and this is one of the reasons why investing is not trusted among the majority of the population. To protect users, Roobee provides a transparent and genuine blockchain-based system of statistics and analysis for all of its investment products. This system built on the RoobeeChain blockchain, which enables users to verify and authenticate investment products before investing in them.

Another problem Roobee seeks to solve is the risk of partial or total loss of capital as a result of funds and assets being kept in specialized sites and wallets. People are tired of worrying about their money and the risk of losing it at anytime. Roobee is built on the HyperLedger framework supported by the Linux Foundation and big players like IBM and Intel. On this base, Roobee ensures that no one can access a user’s fund except the user.

Other Solutions Roobee provides include creating opportunities for micro-investing in any investment product, providing a uniform point of access to the world of investment, fostering interest in investment, providing clear and detailed information about each instrument, eliminating commission fee charges, and so on.

Roobee Service Functionalities

Roobee Network

The Roobee Network comprises RoobeeChain that is based on HyperLedger Fabric and Ethereum. It provides a balance between transparent reporting, which takes into account key actions by the users, and investment confidentiality, while allowing the issuance of virtual assets.


RoobeeID includes public and private keys and the user’s digital ID provided upon registration to the platform. The Roobee ID is usable on the Roobee platform and in the Roobee Network.

Roobee Wallet

This is a multi-currency wallet that lets users store and exchange cryptocurrencies and other digital assets, as well as being used for the storage of RoobeeID keys. It provides an interface for working with them in the form of a browser extension or mobile app.

Roobee Score

Roobee Score is a key system that ensures the availability of suitable investment products. Roobee Score automatically evaluates products helping the user avoid scams.

Roobee Fin

This is a smart user assistant in the complicated world of investment. It determines a suitable investment plan for a user by analyzing users via their risk profile and machine learning methods.


This is a place where a user can make a portfolio using all products allowed on the platform by RoobeeScore. Automatic backtesting algorithms help the user make the right choice.

Roobee Terminal

This is a trading terminal for trading on RoobeeLiquid and other exchanges. It was created to allow asset managers and decentralized managers access the platform. An in-built risk management system eliminates the possibility of theft or loss of funds.


RoobeeLiquid is an internal OTC platform for the decentralized exchange of virtual assets between users. This allows for execution of user requests as a result of the liquidity present on the platform.

Roobee Community

This is the social platform for Roobee users. Since the Roobee blockchain stores unique investment behavior using RoobeeID, users will be able to share their investment ideas and portfolios in the community. They can also participate in tests and contests and win tokens.

Roobee Token

To access the full functionality of the platform, Roobee uses the ERC20 standard token ROOBEE, which is based on the Ethereum blockchain. Users can hold ROOBEE by adding an external address and confirming the external address of the ROOBEE token or storing the ROOBEE token on their wallet. The total supply of the token is 5,400,000,000, being distributed as follows:

Token sale- 54%

Founders and project team — 15%

Advisors, consultants and strategic partners- 4%

Reserve- 13%

Reward pool — 10%

Airdrops and other promotional activities — 4%

Funds from the token sale are allocated as follows:

Marketing — 30%

Platform and application development — 25%

International business development — 12%

Management — 6%

Operations — 12%

Legal services & licenses — 30%

Roobee Team

Amine Berraoui

Amine is the CEO of Roobee. He is a trilingual senior financial professional with double Masters in Business Administration and twenty years of leadership experience in Europe, Africa, and the Middle East. He has worked with top banking institutions like Citibank, RBS, and Deutschebank.

Artem Popov

He is co-founder of Roobee and is a serial entrepreneur with six years experience in business and community development.

Dan Kaizer

Dan Kaizer is Head of Blockchain R&D. He is a Dapp’s Architect, solidity expert and a popular figure in the Blockchain developer community. He was the overall winner of ETHWaterloo Canada 2017 organized by Vitalik Buterin and Storj. He was also selected as the winner of BlockchainHack Russia 2017 by Qturn.

Vladi Siganevic

Vladi is Chief Marketing Officer of the company. He has 15 years experience in digital marketing and is CEO at Creamfinance Czech.

Other team members and advisors include:

Jay Park: Business Development

Salina Bo: FinTech Advisor

Li Shuangshunag: Chinese community advisor

Albert Sagiryan: Investment and financial markets advisor

Serj Azaryan: Strategic partner and advisor

Dmitry Machikhin: Legal Strategy

Bruce Lee: IR and Business Development advisor

Dan Brodovich: Product Advisor

Artur Stepanenko:AI/ML Data Scientist

Oleg Grishko: IT Architect

Nik Artamonov: Art Director


To ensure proper running and continuous development of the platform, Roobee has partnered with several crypto organizations and companies:

  • Binance for liquidity
  • BitGo for safe storage
  • IMB for blockchain development
  • Sum & Substance for KYC/AML services
  • SmartDec for smart contracts security
  • ITI funds for product and infrastructure
  • Blockize for business development in Asia region
  • HyperLedger for blockchain.



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