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4 min readOct 28, 2019


Tokoin is a platform that establishes MSME (micro, medium, and small entity) identity as an acceptable reputation in the business ecosystem. Tokoin offers a modern and innovative business ecosystem that creates valuable partnerships to promote inclusive growth. The Tokoin platform captures and processes user business information as a valuable asset which in the Tokoin ecosystem translates into a marker for trusted reputations as Tokoin users. These trusted users are then able to access business services from providers/partners that were previously inaccessible. Therefore, Tokoin is an intermediary that links business and financial sectors to launch a financial inclusion scheme. Tokoin partnerships will go on to contribute to the growth of the national economy.

Tokoin will provide a trusted solution that can help MSMEs in solving problems in 3 main ways:

  1. To Build a Digital Identity That Represents a Valid Reputation:

On the Tokoin platform, MSMEs generate valuable assets by using key elements, like business profiles, activities and buying behaviors. The Tokoin platform works through a compilation of data, beginning with the KYC process, routine transactions, behavior records, and creation of credibility for Tokoin users.

2. Collect MSMEs to Create More Funding Opportunities:

Tokoin provides a suitable technology infrastructure that records and manages transaction data and then leverages the data by assigning it values.

3. Provide Growth Opportunities for MSMEs Through Business Partnerships:

Tokoin’s partnerships with various institutions allow users to access the services they need. On the users’ side, Tokoin will keep track of behaviors to enable them to build their reputation and credibility in order to reach financial institutions for the purpose of business expansion. Meanwhile, it is to the benefit of financial institutions in the buyer acquisition process when businesses are attributed Tokoin’s user credit reputation.

The Tokoin Token (TOKO)

Tokoin’s platform issues TOKO on the blockchain as a means of interacting between participants. The total token supply is 2,000,000,000 TOKO and the token sale was 700,000,000 TOKO. Token sale began on 20 August 2019 and ended on the 24th of August 2019 with $13,000,000 of $25,000,000 goal realized. TOKO is used as an incentive within the ecosystem when a participant submits transaction data and validates the data. Also, it is a prerequisite for using certain services on the Tokoin platform, including the business insights service. Service providers use TOKO to access MSME advertisements and transaction data. With more and more participants using Tokoin’s services, these participants will have to stake the tokens or use them on the Tokoin platform, which is sure to raise the price of TOKO.

TOKO is generated by ERC-20 tokens and can be converted onto certain mainnet protocols if the team decides it is necessary. This way, based on the new protocol, TOKO will be converted into new tokens.

“Token” tokens are utility tokens and as such should be used within the ecosystem. TOKO tokens are used by MSMEs to build credit scoring that will enable them to access other business services as well as by financial institutions as a requirement for accessing MSMEs’ data and information.

According to the project’s whitepaper, token allocation is as follows:

  • ICO Contributors — 35% which is for private and public-sale contributors.
  • Industry Fund — 40% required to drive adoption, ongoing platform use and engagement as time progresses, through incentives for key partners, producers, data buyers & resellers and contributors.
  • Treasury — 10% which is used to support businesses on an ongoing basis, i.e treasury, liquidity management, operations and administrations.
  • Team & Early Contributors — 10% distributed to Tokoin’s team and early contributors. Tokens will be subject to vesting periods.
  • Advisors — 5% distributed to advisors critical to the project’s success. Tokens will be subject to vesting periods.

Tokoin Team

The Indonesia based Tokoin team is made up of competent industry professionals and reliable people who continue to build on the platform, making it better suited to the needs of MSMEs. The team includes Reiner Rahardja, CEO and co-founder of Tokoin. Rahardja was one of Indonesia’s top 2 successful young entrepreneurs under 40. He helped accelerate the Indonesian economy through MSME developments through his non-profit organization called “The Accelerator”.

Next is Welly Salim who acts as CTO. Welly is a former VP of engineering and operations at, which was acquired by customink. COO Eddy Christian Ng, co-founder of with over 10+ years experience in Business development and Banking. Niko Tanadi is Project Manager, Adi Darda Gaudiamo is Head of Creative, and Ignasius Michae is Generalist Manager. Oktafia Putri is Community Manager with 4 years of experience in international relations & event management system fields, and Mutia Anisa is the Graphic Designer.

Tokoin DApp

The Tokoin platform will work on both PC and mobile devices to keep you up to date and manage your business account 24/7.



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