ARDOR (ARDR) Will Be Listed On Atomars

What is Ardor (ARDR)?

The Ardor blockchain is based on NXT — an open-source blockchain project founded by the same development team that founded Ardor. This blockchain is an all-in-one blockchain suite that supports out of the box development. It goes beyond NXT to solve blockchain issues such as bloating, scalability, and customization.

There’s a whole world of possibilities with Ardor when you consider that each blockchain is working together to replace the internet as we know it. Software is getting a rebuild from the ground up and blockchains today helping with everything from tracking software licenses to security, and storage of data in the cloud.

The Ardor project has the potential to drive blockchain as a service to new levels of accessibility and usability. How successful it becomes depends on the level of traction the development team can generate for early applications. While NXT struggled to gain the kind of massive adoption the developers hoped for, Ardor is a turning point that is capable of bigger things.

Ardor Coin (ARDR)

Trading History

In May 2018, it witnessed another small increase in price. A few events are believed to have caused this peak. One is that two ICOs were announced on the platform, and a Chinese language version was launched on its website that opened up ARDR to a new base of investors in China.

Coin Supply

Ardor will be Listing on Atomars

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