Atomars API v2.0 release

Atomars team is excited to introduce the API v2.0 with improved functionality, performance and security.
Now users can create multiple API keys and enable various options for each API key (reading the data, spot trading and/or transfers of assets).

Users can enable and manage their API functionality via User Profile → API Management, as shown in the screenshots below.

Login to your Atomars account and go to Profile → API Management.

When you first access the API Management page system will ask you to create your fist API key.

System will require 2FA code and your PIN to proceed with the request.

Once you confirm 2FA and PIN system will automatically create a new API key with account information Reading option only by default.


To enable Spot Trading and Withdrawals click on Edit restrictions and select desired features, then click Save.

User may select an option to access the system from multiple IP addresses or only provide access from certain IPs (recommended option).

To delete a single API Key click the <Delete> button next to a particular API key. To delete all API keys at once select <Delete all API> option.

Full API documentation is available here API Documentation.

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