Atomars Exchange Turns 1

The Atomars Exchange team would like to congratulate the community on the 1st anniversary! Thank you for your great support and trust!

Sounds unbelievable that it’s already been a year since the launch of the Atomars exchange as it feels like it happened yesterday.
It was a very productive year for the team in spite of the market conditions and turbulence. We are ready and very excited for the Year 2!

Here are some numbers and achievements showing how much the Atomars have accomplished during the past 12 months:

Many of the major improvements went unnoticed by the users as they involved back-end and infrastructure updates and upgrades but those improvements set the foundation for the upcoming features and platform updates.

The list of the new features the team is planning to introduce in the future includes:

  • Staking

Of course we wouldn’t be able to achieve our goals without a tremendous support from our amazing community! Thank you all once again for your great support and trust!

To celebrate the 1st Anniversary the Atomars exchange will launch several competitions and giveaways for the community members.
Stay tuned for the announcements!

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