Bitcoin Gold (BTG) Will Be Listed On Atomars

About Bitcoin Gold

Bitcoin Gold used a proof-of-work algorithm called Equihash for mining, which ensures Bitcoin does not favor major mining operations disproportionately. This means large holders of capital and specialized technology (mainly ASICs) are no longer favored over smaller miners and common technology (standard GPUs). The Bitcoin Gold is denoted by the symbol BTG and has a total supply of 17.1 million BTG.

History and Development of Bitcoin Gold

Bitcoin Gold was founded by Jack Liao, who is the CEO of BitExchange and LightingAsic, along with 5 other people. The Bitcoin Gold mainnet was launched in November 2017 after running a successful testnet.

One of the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchanges, Coinbase, was very skeptical of Bitcoin Gold when it launched. The exchange pointed out that the cryptocurrency is a major risk because the developers did not make the code available to the public.

There are 253 reachable nodes as of March, 2018, with the highest concentration of nodes located in Germany and the next highest levels located in the United States, France and Russia. Bitcoin Gold launched Bitcoin Gold insight explorer on February 2018.

Bitcoin Gold Technology

The Equihash algorithm is a memory-hard algorithm that permits GPU mining and prevents currency value centralization which puts control in the hands of smaller groups of wealthy investors. This ensures the currency price is stable. Bitcoin ASICs are no longer usable for Bitcoin Gold. Bitcoin Gold uses DigiShield V3 to monitor the time elapsed between the most recent block and the median of a given number of preceding blocks. It adjusts difficulty by maintaining a 10-minute interval between blocks.

Bitcoin Gold will be Listed on Atomars

About Atomars

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