BitTorrent Project Summary

  • Serve as the link between content developers and their audience: The BTT development team have confidence in the potential of the BitTorrent cryptocurrency as a means of transaction for both developers and clients to utilize without the participation of mediators. Hence, the users can use BTT tokens to offer innovative value to their transaction procedure and computing resources without the use of fiat currencies.
  • Increase familiarity with cryptocurrency technology: With the objectives of the decentralized platform being to enhance transparency, repulse censorship and offer users a means of transaction, the BitTorrent token resides at its core. The partnership between BitTorrent and TRON offers a technological set-up that is able to link all the participants at a global level, meaning that torrent users will no longer be alienated from these principles.
  • To make blockchain a mainstream technology: It is anticipated that the TRON blockchain and the BitTorrent P2P network will together work in an integrated system. The positive impact of this goal is that it increases blockchain coverage to reach around a million new users, which plays an important part in encouraging mass adoption of the technology.
  • Unify strategies aimed at reducing structural shortcomings of the BitTorrent protocol: Primarily, the issue being tackled by the BTT project is the need to provide its users with a variety of market-driven incentives so as to improve their partnership. The mutual focus is to have both the developers and users work in unison towards boosting and extending the duration of BitTorrent swarms.
  • To influence the BitTorrent Speed model: Clients and users that acquire BTT tokens also have the opportunity to exchange their tokens for access to faster download speeds. The tokens will be stored in a specific wallet and will receive support when exchanged via a decentralized platform for TRON (TRX) tokens.
  • Torrent sites, which usually preserve metadata about shared files and provides access to torrents,
  • Trackers, which help connect peers and seeders.
  • Seeders or peers. The former are users with the completely downloaded file and the latter are users with partial copies of the desired files.
  • Allow service clients to market bids and to use BTT tokens to pay for bandwidth and get content: The purpose is to build a system that is tasked with the bulk distribution of content, especially that which is necessary to be a barrier to invaders and censors alike. The BTT team anticipates that the token will become a major player, acting as a draw for service providers to maintain accessibility to their files for as many clients as possible.
  • Introducing a decentralized storage service: One of the main services of BTT is allowing service clients to use their tokens to buy data storage. The service providers of BTT will be responsible for providing proof-of-storage to the clients and providing on-demand downloads of data which are stored at an initial stable price.
  • Permit service clients to pay certain users for URL-based retrieval of content using a decentralized proxy system: Users who are anxious to evade IP network logistics usually view this as a theoretically viable option. This also applies to mobile clients that depend primarily on Wifi. The decentralized proxy system also permits the dismantling of content into smaller pieces which can be accessed by users in the future.



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