Blicico (BLC) Will Be Listed On Atomars

About Blicico

Blicico’s aggregator implementation will make it possible for insurance premiums to be paid exactly when they are most acute, and provide insurance companies with up-to-date, correct, and relevant information on the concerned assets and insured persons.

The Blicico platform includes aggregators of life, taxi passenger insurance, freight insurance, and other specialized modules of life insurance. Each of the tools it provides will greatly reduce insurance premium amounts and make it easier to make policy choices.

What Problems Does Blicico Solve?

Subjectivity of the Data

Overestimated Premiums

Risk of Fraud

Blicico Ecosystem & BLC Token

The Blicico ecosystem uses the BLC token. Token holders enjoy reduced costs for the insurance company’s tariff rate and can get a 35% discount when purchasing and paying for policies on the platform using BLC tokens. The company also offers a 5% bonus as added value when purchasing tokens, starting from 0.1 BTC at the time of IEO.

Blicico Will be Listing on Atomars

About Atomars

Fast and Secure Digital Assets Exchange Platform

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