Bytom (BTM) Will Be Listed On Atomars

What is Bytom?

As ownership records and exchange ledgers are being moved to the blockchain, it is becoming clearer that real-world assets are becoming tokenized. From the point of protocol though, there is not a particular way for those assets to be mapped from the physical to the digital world at the moment. Outside mapping, there has to exist some interoperability between the two assets to create a cohesive ecosystem. If this doesn’t happen, a “tokenized” world cannot be realized. This is what Bytom seeks to solve.

How does Bytom work?

Income assets: These assets include non-performing assets, crowdfunding campaigns, and local government investments.

Equity assets: Investor verification for transfers are required for this asset class and it includes things like private companies equity and shares of non-public investment.

Securitized assets: This asset type has a cash flow that is predictable. Some examples include automobile loans and debts.

On the Bytom protocol, you can trade all these assets on-chain. There are also a lot of other benefits that come with this. When asset ownership and exchanges are recorded on the blockchain, this creates a more efficient and secure system compared to what’s available currently. This eliminated most of the bloat caused by middlemen in asset transfers and record keeping. When the middlemen are removed, costs become lower, and transfer times are reduced.

Another benefit of this removal is that you can now control your assets. There is no need anymore for a third-party to curate records as they are now being stored on an immutable, public ledger. Since the asset records are distributed all over the world across nodes, no single point of failure exists for a malicious actor to manipulate data.

There is also the ability to perform cross-chain transactions through side chains with the Bytom protocol. Developers can do this by creating a smaller version of the chain and executing API calls through smart contracts so that they can verify network activity on the main chain. This enables them to transfer assets between chains and distribute dividends via the side chain as well.

Bytom (BTM) will be Listed on Atomars

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