Decred (DCR) Will Be Listed On Atomars

What is Decred (DCR)?

Resolving the problem of scalability has been one of Bitcoin’s biggest challenges over the recent years. This has caused serious debates and rifts within the Bitcoin community. The disagreement was instrumental to the controversial Bitcoin Cash fork in August 2017. To prevent a similar problem from happening in the future. Decred’s users enjoy the ability to vote on proposals with regards the blockchain’s future.

History of Decred

They aimed to create a truly decentralized cryptocurrency that mining interests or developers could not dominate. To do this, they took a different but unique step of allowing the Decred community to vote on the future direction of the cryptocurrency.

Because the team felt that an initial coin offering would not be fair to users, members of company 0 self-financed Decred. On completion of the technology, the team conducted a pre-mine which consisted of 8% of the total supply of DCR (1.68 million DCR). Instead of allocating the entire balance to costs of development, Company O kept aside 4% to pay developers and organized an airdrop of the rest 4% to the community.

How is Decred Made?

Proof-Of-Work: Proof-of-Work consensus involves users giving up computer processing power so as to to process network transactions and build network blocks for the blockchain. Users are encouraged to mine by being rewarded with a new block any time they mine. In Decred’s case, PoS users and the development fund split the reward.

Proof-Of-Stake: The Proof-of-Stake consensus is based on users obtaining a ticket and (therefore a vote) as well as a reward for “locking” some of their DCR funds. The locked DCR is taken as the “Ticket Price” and is untransferrable until it is unlocked. Upon creation of a ticket, it is transferred to the ticket pool to be processed in a block. Ticket-holders typically pay a fee to have their ticket included in a block. Once a ticket has been processed in a block, the user can then vote with the ticket price and a small reward returned.

Decred (DCR) will be Listed on Atomars

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