Facebook and Instagram limit Atomars exchange’s accounts

Good day our beloved community!

Here’s a story.. Facebook decided to limit our account and for the past 3 months it is impossible to share a post and tag @AtomarsExchange or include the link to our official website https://atomars.com
Same situation with our official Instagram account, where we may only share the picture or a video, but unable to add any type of comment, hashtag, link, tag our partners as well as like or comment any post by other Instagram users.
We tried to contact Facebook and Instagram support multiple times, but no response what-so-ever.

At the same time we reported multiple fake Atomars accounts and fake user accounts that tried to scam our community members by posting messages of fake giveaways and contests as comments to our Facebook announcements and posts.
Facebook reported several times that they blocked certain fake pages and accounts, thanks to our reporting. However they either missed or decided to give a pass to several obviously scam or fake accounts and it is unclear why.

Below are the screenshots of the official Facebook response.
Notice that when you check it on the web version of the site you won’t see the Message title (header), which is seen on the mobile version of the site:

Facebook support response as seen from the web version of the page
Facebook support response as seen from the mobile version of the page

First of all we never reported Ormeus Coin’s page and not even sure who those guys are (we do apologize in advance to the Ormeus Coin’s team if that’s a real and legit project).
Also as you can see on the screenshot from the mobile version the Title of the message (header) says “You anonymously reported Atomars”, meaning that the page Facebook was supposed to check and that we reported is the fake Atomars page.

We decided to check that fake Atomars page that we reported and here’s what we discovered:

  1. This is the link to the fake Atomars account on Facebook that we reported and apparently it is now the page of the “Ormeus Coin”

2. When we check the page and scroll through it we can see images from the Atomars official account in the Photos section. See for yourself below:

3. Scrolling through the cover images of the page we can see that this Ormeus Coin account used Atomars listing announcement for VeChain project as their cover.. wonder why would they do so?

It is obvious that this page is a fake page that needs to be removed asap before someone get’s scammed.

However Facebook team thinks there is nothing wrong with the page and it shall remain and keep scamming users and apparently it doesn’t go against Facebook’s community standards as stated in their official response.

We kindly ask Facebook team to reconsider and remove the fake page and not to support obvious scammers.
We would also kindly ask Facebook to remove restrictions from Atomars official account both on Facebook and Instagram.

We also kindly as our community to report the fake page to the Facebook team. That shall help to make support team to pay more attention to the matter and revise their decision.

Thank you all for reading this!
We appreciate your support on this matter in advance.

Have a great day everyone and stay safe!

Yours sincerely,
Atomars exchange team

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