General Overview of Bytecoin (BCN)

What is Bytecoin?

History of Bytecoin

  • A payment gateway that allows for the receiving and sending of hundreds and thousands of transactions simultaneously.
  • Several API layers to be integrated with other surfaces.
  • Desktop GUI wallet software.
  • Blockchain-based assets.
  • Blockchain-based aliases system.
  • Smart contracts with embedded Turing-complete language.

How Does Bytecoin Work?

Bytecoin Mining

Bytecoin Team & Progress

Competitors Info

Dash (DASH)

Monero (XMR)


Unique / Key Features Against its Competitors:

  • Payments are untraceable. Bytecoin hides transactions using ring signatures to mix different outputs with similar values into one transaction. This ensures it is impossible to tell where the money came from. All addresses are obscured on the Bytecoin blockchain.
  • Bytecoin is evolving. Bytecoin is an open-source software cryptocurrency that allows everyone to contribute to the development of the project.
  • Instant Fee-free Payments. There are zero transaction fees on the Bytecoin network. These transactions happen as fast as your internet permits. Transactions are not actually instant as confirmation is needed first.
  • Double-spending proof. Bytecoin uses the modified version of the “Traceable Ring Signature”. This in fact transforms traceability and linkability while also ensuring a signer’s anonymity is preserved if they use the same private key to create more than one signature. These signatures are linked together, which is an indication of double-sending attempt.



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