General Overview of Crea Project (CREA)

What is Crea Project?

The Crea blockchain uses Delegated Proof of Stake (DPOS) consensus protocol so it is maintained in a decentralized way by community members from around the world. DPOS uses the voting power of users to solve consensus problems efficiently, fairly and democratically. Thanks to Graphene technology, the Crea network can support the issuance of more than 10000 Transactions Per Second (TPS) and without network fees. This amount of TPS is necessary to sustain the massive volume of interactions in the new generation social networks.

How Does Crea Work?

The blockchain of Crea is programmed so that the witnesses produce a new block every 3 seconds. 25 witness nodes produce 25 blocks in each 75-second round.

The Crea network continuously generates new digital tokens to reward content creators and curators. 70% of newly created tokens are transferred to users who add value to the Creary network by publishing, commenting and voting on other people’s posts. The remaining tokens are distributed by 15% to the owners of CREA Energy (token of CREA) and the other 15% to the witnesses who work generating new blocks in the blockchain of Crea.

In the CREA Network the issuance of new coins is based on a percentage of inflation over the total currency existing at the time.

70% total new coins issued will be distributed among authors and curators (splitted in 70% to artists and 30% to curators), that is, those users who contribute value to the social network by publishing quality content, evaluating and voting to projects. 15% will go to the owners of CREA Energy (CGY), always considering that it is 15% of all existing tokens at the time and that will be distributed proportionally to the total accumulated by each user at the exact moment of the distribution.

Finally, there is a 15% that is distributed among a total of 25 witnesses that will vary (entering and leaving the list) according to the proportion of votes obtained by the users.


  • Proof of Existence: Certificate of creation registration based on the blockchain.
  • Proof of Creation (POC): An algorithm rewards authors and curators for their work.
  • Reputation & Voting power: Those who get more tokens will have more influence in the community.
  • Decentralized Exchange (DEX): Crea tokens exchange internal markets without fees.
  • Open Source: the CREA ecosystem is completely open source to help users meet their needs when launching application projects.
  • Control of inflation: issuance of new tokens using a formula that controls the annual inflation rate.
  • Elimination of Transaction Fees: An advantage of the CREA blockchain over centralized applications competitors.
  • Censorship resistance: The distributed consensus protocol of Crea prevents the centralization and the censorship of content. CREA main dapp is a social network of multimedia portfolios based on the CREA blockchain that rewards creatives and curators for sharing their digital creations with the community.

Creary is the first application that works on the blockchain of Crea. In Creary anyone can post digital content and be rewarded for their creative work according to the votes received from the community.

Users are rewarded with the cryptocurrency called CREA.

Users can buy and sell creative works of any multimedia format using CREA. These exchanges happen instantaneously in a distributed network without intermediaries where users can connect directly and avoid fees or commissions that make the creative work of the authors more expensive.

Creary issues copyright and distribution license certificates of any digital work published on the network. The immutability of the blockchain allows any data that registers in it to be practically impossible to manipulate or delete. This grants a power of attorney over everything that is published in the Crea network without the need for a central authority.

Currently there are more than 14,000 registered users on Creary constantly generating a lot of activity on the platform and enriching the CREA ecosystem, that makes the number of transactions on the blockchain higher every day.

Earning CREA

Publishing your creations: when you share your projects or digital creations, you can get likes from community members. Depending on the likes you receive, you will get a greater or lesser proportion of the total rewards offered by the network.

Participating as curator of content: if you discover a quality publication and you rate it with a like before it becomes very popular, you can earn a curation reward. The amount of this reward will depend on the amount of CREA Energy (CGY) you have.

Selling your content: if the financing model for your creations is not based only on receiving rewards through the likes, you can also earn CREA by creating your own content marketplace. (Stock photos, videos, templates, mockups, logos etc)

Vesting: CGY holders will receive as a reward 15% of the total rewards bag. If you do not move your CGY you will be rewarded with this percentage since the protocol considers that you are a user that participates and believes in the project.

Using cryptocurrency markets: any user can buy CREA directly in the markets where it is traded. You can buy CREA using the main cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin or Ethereum or directly with fiat currencies such as USD or Euro. Discover the main markets where you can get CREA.

Becoming a CREA witness: Learn how

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