General Overview of Crea Project (CREA)

What is Crea Project?

Crea is a blockhain-based protocol for the creation of hypermedia dapps.

How Does Crea Work?

The CREA Blockchain uses a Delegated Proof of Stake (DPoS) consensus algorithm. DPoS provides a reliable, stable network with full-time node operators, known as Witnesses, backed up by relay node operators to secure the entire blockchain. Witnesses are provided with rewards in the form of CREA through an internal system. These witnesses are chosen by the community of CREA (holders), who only select the most reliable node operators. This guarantees a fully reliable network.


Main features of the technological ecosystem of CREA:

  • Proof of Creation (POC): An algorithm rewards authors and curators for their work.
  • Reputation & Voting power: Those who get more tokens will have more influence in the community.
  • Decentralized Exchange (DEX): Crea tokens exchange internal markets without fees.
  • Open Source: the CREA ecosystem is completely open source to help users meet their needs when launching application projects.
  • Control of inflation: issuance of new tokens using a formula that controls the annual inflation rate.
  • Elimination of Transaction Fees: An advantage of the CREA blockchain over centralized applications competitors.
  • Censorship resistance: The distributed consensus protocol of Crea prevents the centralization and the censorship of content. CREA main dapp

Earning CREA

CREA can be earned in several ways:

Crea Project (CREA) trading on Atomars

CREA tokens are available for trading on Atomars exchange with the following trading pair: CREA/BTC

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