General Overview of Evergold (EVG)

What is Evergold?

Evergold blockchain details:

Contract: 0x9999999997F25ae567Ab4F480a898736FCD66a20

Decimal: 4

What is the benefit of owning EVG token?

  • It’s Highly Accessible — You can move or trade this ERC-20 token on the Ethereum blockchain anywhere in the world, at any time! You can start by purchasing only 2 tokens. This small minimum purchase limit allows you to own gold while avoiding storage fees, limited accessibility, and other drawbacks of owning physical gold. And, you can redeem physical gold from the dealer’s vault in Singapore, anytime!
  • It’s Trustworthy — EVG is associated with a bonded dealer of precious metals, licensed to operate in Singapore. This SBMA member has several years of experience in this industry. As for the EVG tokens — they represent gold bullion bars certified by LBMA, with public proof of custody of the gold bars in the dealer’s vault.
  • It’s Easily Redeemable — Every EVG token is equal to 1 gram of gold. This means that you can redeem 1000 tokens for a 1-kg bar of gold. And, this means that you can get hold of your gold in its physical form from dealer’s vault in Singapore.

With Evergold users get:

Are EVG Tokens redeemable for physical gold?

How is it different from competition?

EVG trading on Atomars

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