General Overview of HEIDI (HDI)

What is Heidi?

HEIDI is an acronym “Higher Education Innovation Digital Investment”.
It was minted as a Swiss-domiciled sustainable investment token which will function as a funding mechanism for both online and offline educational programmes in social entrepreneurship as well as to rapidly increase new product development at Terra Unum College in Interlaken, Switzerland.

HEIDI brings about new pro-social ventures to market, which will disrupt Capitalism 1.0 by displacing current environmentally harmful products with ones which are proenvironmental. In essence, from learning to earning, HEIDI makes possible what governments and corporations have failed to do.

History of Heidi

Heidi was minted in 2019 by Winston Graf AG in Switzerland as a way to tokenise the delivery of social entrepreneurship education and funding so that a new sustainable ecosystem is brought about. In September 2020, the Terra Unum platform was launched which will help young social entrepreneurs learn how to create successful and profitable social ventures.

HEIDI has a total minting of 12’910’000 tokens, as such it is twice as rare as BitCoin. This number is somewhat symbolic as Switzerland was founded in 1291 and ever since has stood for sustainability, stability and safety. These values carry through to our token.

Terra Unum College

Terra Unum College does not teach business, rather it is focused on an outcome-driven education in social entrepreneurship. The college offers an online Associate Diploma, Certificate and individual high-value courses in social entrepreneurship. The investments in HEIDI allow the scaling of the platform and the funding of the student’s innovations leading to start ups of new social ventures. Each of these ventures further expands the utility of the token an as such drives its value.

Heidi trading on Atomars

Heidi (HDI) tokens are available for trading on Atomars exchange in the pair: HDI/ETH.

About Atomars Exchange

Atomars exchange is a fast, secure and user-friendly digital assets trading platform launched in June 2019. Most of the popular cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and many more are available on the platform. Exchange features include Decentralized Private User Wallets, Quick Exchange, Enhanced User Portfolio, Market Barometer, Free Coins, Staking, VIP Accounts, OTC, Telegram Bot.

Fast and Secure Digital Assets Exchange Platform

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