General Overview of Jetcoin (JET)

What is Jectoin?

Bringing Wall Street technology to the world of sports and entertainment.

Jetcoin, (JET) is the new digital fuel for the world of sports and entertainment, gives fans and supporters a unique opportunity to benefit directly from the success of their favorite athletes and stars. It disrupts traditional fan-athlete/talent relationships by enabling anyone to launch and support the careers of tomorrow’s stars.

Using block chain technology, Jetcoin decentralizes the world of sports and entertainment, ruled today by powerful agents and corporations. Jetcoin tilts the power balance by establishing the first platform where anyone can own IP rights of promising athletes and talents.

Jetcoin Institute manages the distribution process of the digital fuel, Jetcoin (JET), via Jetcoin Contracts and proof of social engagement (P.O.S.E.). Its specific tasks include:

  • Securing and digitizing the IP rights of the Jetcoin Champions
  • Development of the Jetcoin Platform
  • Raising and overseeing funds allocation
  • Recruitment of young up-and-coming talents
  • Development and management of strategic partnerships
  • Global promotion of the Jetcoin brand
  • Development of the Jetcoin community

In a Nutshell: The Jetcoin Institute allows users to use the JET cryptocurrency to support emerging athletes and earn incentives and unique rewards. Jetcoin carefully chooses partner athletes and provides them with access to high-level training, modeling portfolios, and other services needed to cultivate an image, brand, and fan base. And Jetcoin is also branching out into modeling and entertainment to provide even more unique and profitable ways for supporters to also earn crypto rewards.

Jetcoin history

Jetcoin story is not new, it started in 2014: In August 2014, in a bid to both establish the branding of Jetcoin internationally as well as to secure a testing ground for a myriad of innovative tech applications and crowd funding concepts customized for sports and entertainment; Jetcoin became the first digital currency to become the main sponsor of Italian Serie A football team, A.C. ChievoVerona and Italian Serie A club Hellas Verona

In developing the Jetcoin ecosystem of partnerships, deals have been made with top service providers to optimize fan experience and engagement in sport entertainment. Jetcoin Institute has also recently developed and launched iStadia, a free sport app aimed at increasing fan interaction and engagement during live football.

Partnerships with Top Clubs Get More Users Involved

Jetcoin doesn’t allow just any young athlete to list his or her talents within the Champions marketplace. Jetcoin team works with clubs and agencies and several other entities to find new talent.

The Jetcoin Institute assembles a team to work with each client — putting together a modeling portfolio and other modern necessities that help build an athlete’s brand and fan base.

The company’s goal is to bring fans closer to the athletes and clubs that mean so much to them. Soon, app users will have the opportunity to use JET to purchase 15- to 20-second messages that will display in real-time on the LED perimeter boards during their favorite club’s matches.

Jetcoin Technology/Rewards

JETCOIN (JET) Token is an ERC-20 token built on Ethereum, a decentralized platform for applications. Officially listed on MyEtherWallet under the Symbol JET. For more information about the coin, please check the etherscan token page.

The Jetcoin app has several key features, the most important of which is a user’s Jetcoin Wallet. The wallet securely stores JET and allows users to send and receive the cryptocurrency seamlessly. Users can also purchase more of the coin by using a Visa or Mastercard debit or credit card.

The Jetcoin Champions area allows users to browse through the talent partnered with the company. This is where speculators can decide which athletes to support.

You can select and build a team of talents who can give you incentives and rewards as the talent matures. Join a pool of supporters for that talent who all work to support that athlete over time.

Supporters also receive occasional rewards as their chosen athletes climb the professional ranks. Among the perks are meet-and-greet sessions, personalized tweets and Facebook posts, and limited-edition tokens that the user can collect or sell.

And since each transaction and interaction on the Jetcoin App takes place on the blockchain, users can rest easy knowing that their information is securely logged on the chain’s ledger.

Download the Jetcoin app in:

Google play:
Check out “Jetcoin 3.0”

Apple Store:

The App is free and anyone can download it. Once downloaded, simply click on “Register Wallet” then follow instructions.




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