General Overview of Qredit (XQR)

What is Qredit?

Qredit is fast, reliable and efficient blockchain suite forked from the Ark codebase.

Qredit offers the creation of smart contracts on its blockchain and focuses on all industries for individuals, enterprises and developers. With 8 seconds blocktime and 250+ transactions per block, Qredit is one of the fastest decentralized blockchains. Qredit utilizes the Delegated Proof of Stake (DPoS) consensus, ensuring a stable and reliable network for all users. With only 51 forging nodes, the Qredit blockchain is one of the most energy and cost-efficient blockchains in the world powered by Ark Core.

How Does Qredit Work?

The Qredit Blockchain uses a Delegated Proof of Stake (DPoS) consensus algorithm. DPoS provides a reliable, stable network with full-time node operators, known as Delegates, backed up by relay node operators to secure the entire blockchain. Delegates are provided with rewards in the form of Qredit through an internal system that generates 10 XQR coins per 8 second block. These delegates are chosen by the holders of Qredit, who only select the most reliable node operators. This guarantees a fully reliable network.

Delegates also provide additional value-added services to the community, Qredit itself, and the wider blockchain community. This can take many forms, marketing, community outreach, tools for the community, tools to support the blockchain and open source code reviews.

Queries to the blockchain using API’s can be made through forging and relay nodes. This allows 3rd parties to interact with the blockchain directly, anytime, anywhere, without needing to download the entire blockchain.

Qredit blockchain combines the best security of current generation blockchains with the innovative features from the ARK core, while blending in the unique features provided by the Qredit blockchain. Qredit builds upon the best features of cryptocurrencies to enable fast transactions with dynamic fees and low cross-border transaction friction.

In short, Qredit aims to build an advanced decentralized ecosystem for any user to enter blockchain space. What we have achieved so far, is the result of hard work by a strong and dedicated team that was extended great support by community and early investors.

Unique / Key Features

  • Speed. Reliability. Efficiency.
    Fast confirmation times, low fees, secure network.
  • QAE — Smart contracts protocol built on the Qredit Blockchain.
    QAE features 3 types of protocols, each applicable to different use cases.
  • Altilly — Next Generation Crypto-Asset Exchange.
    Qredit powers Altilly exchange as its native coin. Secure and reliable exchange, reporting only real volume. Android and iOS apps are available.
  • Qredit Valkyrie — Hosting blockchains in space.
    The Qredit blockchain will be used to send and receive data from satellites and store it directly on the blockchain which can be viewed at any time using the Qredit Data Server (QDS). The Qredit blockchain will allow integrated satellites to communicate with our blockchain and receive commands for specific targets.
    Latest Valkyrie update is available here:
  • QP-1 — Qredit Player One.
    Find hints. Solve the quest. Claim your rewards.

Competitors Info

Qredit Blockchain Details

Symbol: XQR
Consensus: DPoS
Blocktime: 8 seconds
TX per Block: ~250

Qredit Team & Progress

Hodler Enterprises started in early 2017 by building and offering mining rigs and hardware for its clients. Our interest quickly rose to participate in all kinds of products in the world of cryptocurrencies — from building mining farms to setting up mining pools, creating trading groups and various crypto related products and services. We lead our community and our clients by example continuing to set our bar high. Team information is available on Hodler Enterprises website and a Qredit roadmap for 2020 can be found here.

Earning Qredit

Qredit can be earned by voting for public Delegates on the DPoS network. A vote for a delegate is seen as a vote of support. You as an individual can choose who you trust with the safekeeping of the network, and the direction it takes. Public Delegates are sharing a part of their block rewards. Amount you can earn depends on how much Qredit you have used to vote for them and enable them to maintain forging position.

Qredit blockchain is looking to increase the number of people to help support how the project is communicating, target growth and also grow market presence. Earn Qredit by joining the team.



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