General Overview of Revain (REV)

What is Revain?

Revain is a review platform that guarantees transparent and detailed feedback with blockchain.
Revain (REV) is the platform’s token.

Revain’s mission is reinventing reviews. The company uses blockchain and AI to ensure that people can express their honest opinions and businesses can get valuable feedback.

How Does Revain Work?

Launched in 2018, Revain took a different approach to present reviews. Instead of employing a few journalists, Revain invites everyone to share their experiences and opinions. But it does not just open its platform to everyone. Quality control is taken over by AI that checks all texts and rates them based on various criteria, such as originality, insightfulness, etc. The plagiarized and uninformative reviews are filtered out, while the original and detailed ones are promoted.

Authors are encouraged to write often and write well. The company uses its internal platform token (RVN) to reward the reviewers. They can later convert RVN into REV and sell the tokens on an exchange. There is also a gamified progression system: the more good reviews an author writes, the higher the “level” and the bigger rewards they get. The best writers get the “Expert” status, which grants additional benefits.

And then there is the matter of transparency. Online reviews often face criticism, since anyone can alter or delete them. Even the independent platforms can be persuaded by companies to remove negative posts.

Revain solved this issue by storing all the reviews on the blockchain. Everyone can see the list of transactions and verify the integrity of the original text. And no one can delete or change the review once it’s been published.

Revain is gradually growing its platform. Soon there will be reviews not only of crypto projects but also of financial services, banks, funds, media, etc. The company plans to eventually expand its range even further and provide a review of everything from apps and software to phones and other devices.

Why use Revain?

For Authors

  • Share your experience and broadcast your thoughts with the broad crypto audience
  • Reward system for unique and high-quality reviews.
  • Become Revain Expert and receive premium functionality, earn more rewards than ordinary authors

For Readers

  • Authentic and high-quality feedback about all major crypto entities
  • Detailed information about any company on the market
  • Opportunity to join the community of crypto experts and enthusiasts

For Companies

  • Authentic and detailed feedback from real people
  • Reply to reviews and interact with your users
  • Encourage users to write helpful and high-quality reviews on your company using reward system

Revain Features

1. Artificial Intelligence

Revain’s AI scans all content, filters out low-quality reviews and makes high-quality ones eligible for rewards.

2. Transparency

Blockchain technology ensures that all reviews will be saved forever and can’t be changed or deleted by anyone.

3. Reward system

Revain allows companies to reward authors for their high-quality feedback with it’s second token RVN.

4. Experts

Expert is a special status on Revain which gives it members many additional benefits.

Learn more about Revain on

Revain trading on Atomars

Revain (REV) tokens are available for trading on Atomars exchange in the pair: REV/USDT.

About Atomars Exchange

Atomars exchange is a fast, secure and user-friendly digital assets trading platform launched in June 2019. Most of the popular cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and many more are available on the platform. Exchange features include Decentralized Private User Wallets, Quick Exchange, Enhanced User Portfolio, Market Barometer, Free Coins, Staking, VIP Accounts, OTC, Telegram Bot.




Fast and Secure Digital Assets Exchange Platform

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Atomars Exchange

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