General overview of SynchroBit (SNB)

What is Synchrobit?

SynchroBit™ Hybrid Exchange is an Omni project launched by SYNCHRONIUM® which is open for trading now.
SynchroBit™ Hybrid Exchange is the World’s First “Multipurpose Hybrid P2P Digital Assets Trading Platform” with Cold wallet, Crypto wallet, Fiat wallet, and many options. It is an innovative and progressive P2P trading platform to meet the increasing demand for faster, cheaper, smarter, and secure cryptocurrency and digital assets trading and investment. Unlike the other exchanges, it is a hybrid cryptocurrency exchange consisting of the features of both CEX (centralized exchange) and DEX (decentralized exchange).
It is a smart and Artificial Intelligence aided platform that provides its users with diversified trading options and solutions to get the most profitable trading in the digital assets context. SynchroBit™ is a unique solution for the future for it provides you with some unique trading opportunities that are rarely found on the other existing platforms including Fiat wallet, Crypto wallets, Crypto addresses, Cold wallets, Real P2P, Low fees, Extended limits, and many more.
Users of SynchroBit™ can enjoy the CEX functionality while they don’t need to keep any digital assets on SynchroBit™ since it benefits from strong cold wallet integration technology that enables users to keep their assets on cold wallets like Trezor while trading.

History of SynchroBit

SynchroBit™ has been developed through many versions starting from Version 0x to Version INIZIO. The current version of SynchroBit™, Version INIZIO, will be improved through the upcoming version DELTA which is all set to be launched in February 2020 in Istanbul. The first version of SynchroBit™ Δ, Prima (Δ.1.1) will make P2P Spot trading of cryptocurrencies much faster, easier, smarter, and cheaper. Gradually, almost every month there will be a new feature added to SynchroBit™ Δ and by March 2020, the Margin trading with extensive features will be available on the secondary version of SynchroBit™ Δ, called Lucia (Δ.2.1). Full integration of new features of Version Δ will be made by May 2020 and the SynchroBit™ Δ latest version, called Ultima (Δ.3.1) will be available with AI features, extended trading, and many more.

SynchroBit platform features

SynchroBit™ is one of the major projects of the financial module of SynchroSphere® ecosystem, which provides the economic backbone to the other projects and modules of the ecosystem. The exchange will be fully integrated with other financial platforms of SynchroSphere® to create a seamless customer experience and provide the users with highly profitable, accurate, secure business environment based on blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies.

User Experience (UX) is one of the significant issues on every digital asset trading platform, including SynchroBit™. Despite eye-catching User Interface (UI) that most of the users care about, users should also consider well-engineered UX due to its impact on their decision making and profitability.

To create a seamless UX, SYNCHRONIUM® has considered both security and functionality in designing SynchroBit™. SynchroBit™ is available via web and smartphone. Using SynchroBit™ is quite easy and user-friendly. In the upcoming versions of SynchroBit™, users will enjoy the advanced dashboard, which helps them to manage their trade and experience on SynchroBit™.

SynchroBit™ is Faster: Since it handles orders faster than ever and responds to customer support requests instantly, by using the advanced technologies, every transaction on SynchroBit™ takes place in about 40 Nanosecond which makes it the fastest exchange ever. Users will receive their customer support services instantly. In addition to the advanced customer service technologies, SynchroBit™ staff is well trained and experienced in providing instant customer support.

SynchroBit™ is Cheaper: SynchroBit™ aims to generate its income from value-added services to users and therefore, the trading fees on SynchroBit™ is competitive and cheaper. Also, the trading fees for SNB token is zero.

SynchroBit™ is Smarter: SynchroBit™ benefits from AI technology to provide users with high-quality data and analytics. Therefore, SynchroBit™ users can trade smartly during the uncertainty in the market. The AI provides the users with market insights about the listed digital assets by analyzing various indicators and other exchanges.

SynchroBit™ is Easier: SynchroBit™ is open to the users’ feedback and employs these feedback to improve its services and performance. SynchroBit™ will conduct periodic surveys to analyze the users’ experiences on SynchroBit and improve its UI and UX.

SynchroBit™ Hybrid Exchange is designed for both professionals and rookies. It provides its users with a wide range of innovative features in trading, data analysis, decision making, risk management, security of funds, etc.

Unique / Key Features Against its Competitors:

  • Simple & User Friendly
    Designed for both rookies and professionals
  • Social Trading
    Copy high performing portfolios from professionals
  • Multilayered Security
    Enjoy Tamper-Proof Wallets and Advanced Security
  • Multi Blockchain
    Integrated with SynchroLedger™ Technology
  • E-Commerce Friendly
    High-profile experienced specialists in the field
  • 24/7 Multilingual Support
    Enjoy live support in your own language 24 hours a day
  • Smart Trading
    Trade like a Pro with Smart Trading and Decision Making Tools
  • Faster than Ever
    Very low or even zero fees for eligible transactions
  • AI Aided
    Trade like a Pro with Mira™ AI technology
    Manage your portfolio smarter than ever
  • Smart Risk Management
    Minimize your risk and maximize your ROI
  • Fiat Functionality
    Very low or even zero fees for eligible transactions
  • Extensive Functions
    Enjoy margin, futures, and spot trading
  • Arbitrage
    Get profit from Multi Exchange Trading
  • Hybrid Blockchain
    Enjoy our hybrid blockchain technology
  • PoSync™
    Secure every TX with Proof of Synchronization
  • Coin Swap
    SWAP easily between various coins and tokens
  • Precious Metals Trading
    Trade various kinds of precious metals with cryptocurrencies
  • Energy Markets
    Trade various kinds of energy products with cryptocurrencies
  • Commodity Market
    Trade various kinds of commodities with cryptocurrencies
  • Seamless CRM
    We care 24/7 about your experience
  • Business Friendly
    Use SynchroBit™ for developing your startups and projects
  • Developer Friendly
    Participate in developing creative Add-Ons for SynchroBit™
  • Zero Trading Fee
    Trade all listed assets with SNB for absolutely no trading fee




Fast and Secure Digital Assets Exchange Platform

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