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There’s so much going on in the crypto world that one can easily get lost in this expanding ocean of information. Atomars Exchange, the latest cryptocurrency exchange that aims to be a bridge between fiat and cryptocurrencies, introduces its new official Telegram Channel dedicated to delivering first-hand announcements, news and information to its growing community.

Atomars Telegram Channel:

Atomars Telegram Group

Why Telegram?

Since cryptocurrencies went mainstream, people have been looking for better ways to engage with their favorite projects. Over the years, telegram has grown to become a trusted platform that preserves users privacy, guarantees fast messaging, ensures security along with many other outstanding features while keeping users closely connected to their choice crypto community.

Telegram is completely free and continues to rise in popularity within the world of blockchain and cryptocurrency because it is one of few messaging apps that focuses on a multi-data center infrastructure and encryption. More than 100,000 people can be connected through super-telegram groups.

Telegram is without a doubt, a platform that offers a unique place for countless crypto projects, users, traders and enthusiasts to engage with each other and accelerate the adoption of crypto.

Why should you join the Official Atomars Telegram community?

We at Atomars Exchange are committed to building a strong community of closely-knit followers who will be the first to get any announcement or news about the platform. Here are some of what you can enjoy which include:

  1. A dedicated customer service support and approachable admins who are always available to answer user questions or any issue you have using the platform.
  2. Latest news about Atomars Exchange and the crypto world.
  3. Get signals sent to you so you can keep track of the market.
  4. Receive announcements and updates directly to your device instead of speculations and rumors that are spread on the internet.
  5. Be the first to know about any event incentive.
  6. Interact with other members of our exciting community.

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Atomars Telegram Channel:

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What is Atomars?

Atomars Exchange is the new fast and secure digital assets exchange platform with a mission of bridging the world of fiat and cryptocurrencies. Atomars is secure, reliable and accessible to users anywhere around the globe. The platform adopts a multi-layer security system comprising of separated servers, 2-factor authentication, cold storages, DDoS protection and more.

Quality customer support is available 24/7 to provide a smooth user experience by responding fast and resolving all inquiries. The trading platform has one of the industry’s leading API’s with low latency data and execution feeds for seamless trading. Also, Atomars Exchange is one of the few crypto exchanges that will support multiple fiat currencies as well as multiple digital assets.

The Atomars team is working tirelessly towards transforming the platform into one of the world’s most recognized and used exchanges by 2020. Which is why their team of experts work to improve the platform for a more enjoyable user experience by providing tools, features and adding the best crypto assets to ensure you never have to look elsewhere.

Currently, Atomars supports the major cryptocurrencies which include Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), USDT (USDT), USDC (USDC), TrueUSD (TUSD) and others. A full list of supported currencies is available on the Atomars official website.

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