KYBER NETWORK project gets listed on ATOMARS

KYBER NETWORK project gets listed on ATOMARS

We are proud to announce the listing of the Kyber Network project on ATOMARS exchange. Kyber Network deposits are effective immediately and trading is open with the following pairs: KNC/BTC and KNC/ETH.


Kyber Network is a liquidity protocol that is entirely on-chain and can be implemented on any smart contract permitted blockchain. Kyber protocol implements aggregate liquidity of different sources into a single pool, which provides one endpoint for takers to carry out multiple token swaps in a blockchain transaction. Our implementation can be combined easily into any application which enables exchanges to be executed seamlessly between all parties.


Instant settlement and scalability

Kyber Network transaction is fast and performs an instant token-to-token settlement with no uncertainty in transactions or settlement risk. Also, our continued development on Gormos and our recent high-performance scaling solution enhance actual adoptions for decentralized applications. Takers are not exposed to any risk of partial implementation because when traders make trade requests, the trades are usually either fully executed or reverted.

Platform Agnostic

At Kyber Network, any protocol or application can be powered by our liquidity network and there are no limits to ecosystem and innovation diversity. Our agnostic token trades can be easily integrated and combined into any other application by our APIs, widgets and smart contracts.

Smart contract Architecture

Kyber’s core smart contract has three major components. These three components of any implementation of the Kyber core smart contracts are: list of registered reserves and token pairs, Kyber core smart contracts, and the reserved interface. These three main components are represented by kyberNetwork.Sol and kyberReserveInterface.Sol contracts during the implementation of the protocol.


Users are allowed to swap tokens with their various wallet applications. It is impossible for anyone to tamper with the contents in someone else’s wallet’s blockchain because each wallet address has a unique blockchain. We perform fully on-chain with very transparent operations. We seek to be developer-friendly and compatible with other systems. For additional security, a multisig wallet is being used to execute admin actions.

Entirely decentralized

Multiple values are exchanged in one single transaction, payments are accepted in a wide range of tokens and varieties like DAI, ETH or any other preferred token. Assets or token portfolios are seamlessly liquidated and rebalanced in a single transaction.


Our reserve contributions are open, making it easy for anyone to contribute and become a part of the reserve for our global liquidity pool, which includes token teams and funds. We aim to make it possible for anyone who buys or owns a token to use these tokens with ease in whatever context they choose.


The Kyber Network token exchange protocols build compatibility, interactions, and collaborations with other players in the ecosystem via a cross-chain solution. Additionally, anyone can easily verify the rates offered by the reserves to be sure that they are really getting the best rate available at the time of the trade execution.

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