Metaverse (ETP) Will Be Listed On Atomars

What Is Metaverse (ETP)?

The Entropy (ETP) Token

What Are The Advantages Of Metaverse?

Then, there is the decentralized exchange platform that forms the core of the project, allowing users of all kinds to freely exchange their assets. Alongside this, there is a digital asset registration service and mediation service called Oracle that operates on a decentralized reputation system. These services are the key to how Metaverse links together with the real world.

The three token approach also offers advantages. Each one plays a different role in the Metaverse ecosystem, with ETP granting access and providing utility. MST was developed as a way for the project to provide interoperability between the Metaverse and Ethereum networks. It can also be used for collateral. Then there is MIT, which is used for the creation and claim of ownership for digital assets. Making them un-fungible.

Metaverse (ETP) will be Listing on Atomars

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