Platform updates: VIP levels, Trading PIN, Staking..

Good day everyone!

Atomars team recently rolled out several updates to improve user experience and introduce new platform features.
Here we’d like to mention a few features that stand out the most.

1. VIP levels.

High-volume traders will now receive discounts on the trading fees based on the cumulative 30-day trading volume and average 24-hour balance.
The more you trade and the higher is your 24-hour balance the higher is the discount on your trading fees.

To check your current VIP level please visit “VIP level” menu of your account Profile on Atomars

User VIP level details on Atomars exchange.

Click on the Fee Schedule to show the VIP level structure and requirements.
As simple as that!

VIP level structure on Atomars exchange.

More benefits for the VIP traders will be introduced soon.

Enjoy your trading on Atomars and benefits of your VIP level!

2. Order details.

Traders are now able to check the details of their active and closed orders. When you set a Limit order or execute a Market order those orders can be filled by a single or multiple matching orders. A Limit order can be partially filled and executed over a period of several days based on the market activity and the price.
Simply click the “Details” button of the particular active or closed order and see the detailed information that includes the date, amount, price and number of the matched order(s).

Order details on Atomars exchange.

3. Trading PIN.

Previous Atomars platform update introduced PIN (Trading/Withdrawal Password) which protects users account in addition to 2FA via Email and/or Google Authenticator App.

PIN could only be used for Withdrawal protection and now users are also able to use PIN to protect their trading activity on Atomars.

Trading PIN confirmation on Atomars exchange.

Once enabled, PIN for trading operations will lock the order form after 15–30 min of inactivity. System will request user to enter PIN to unlock the trading when user is back and ready to perform a new trade.

Trading PIN confirmation on Atomars exchange.

4. Withdrawal cancellation details.

We’ve added an automated message that provides the details and reason for the cancellation of your withdrawal order.
If a user doesn’t complete the withdrawal order, provides an incorrect/inactive wallet address or selects the incorrect blockchain type during the process system will automatically cancel the order and an automated message will be sent providing the reason of the order cancellation.

Withdrawal cancellation notice on Atomars exchange.

Please refer to the previous platform update that explains the new withdrawal process in case you face any issues with the withdrawal process.

5. Staking.

We have launched the Staking feature on Atomars.
The first coins that is available for staking is Algorand (ALGO) coin.
ALGO staking features 3 plans with Daily, Weekly and Monthly payouts of rewards.

To check the details and launch ALGO staking on Atomars please visit

Staking feature on Atomars exchange.

User can check the details of the launched (active) staking plans and staking history as well as manage active plans directly from the Staking page.

Details of the users active staking plans on Atomars exchange.
History of the users staking activity on Atomars exchange.

New coins will be available for Staking on Atomars soon.
If you have a suggestion for the coin(s) you’d like to be available for Staking on Atomars feel free to contact the Atomars team

The above mentioned platform updates are the major recent improvements by the Atomars team. However it’s not the full list of improvements as many updates are happening regularly unnoticed on the backend to ensure smooth and stable platform operation 24/7.

Stay tuned for the new updates and announcements by the Atomars team!

We thank you all for your support and trust!

Have a great day!

Start trading on Atomars today!



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