Platform updates: Withdrawal process and Security settings

Atomars Exchange
4 min readOct 13, 2020


Good day everyone!

Atomars team recently rolled out few updates to improve overall user account security and withdrawal process experience.

1. Trading/Withdrawal Password (PIN).

To improve user account security even further we’ve added PIN — Trading/Withdrawal Password (PIN).
PIN is required to confirm Withdrawals (mandatory requirement, already available) and Trading orders (optional feature, coming soon).

  • Click Enable to set PIN or Change if you would like to update your PIN.

Please mind, that in order to enable your PIN you will need an access to your 2FA (via Email* or Google Authenticator app) and to change/disable the PIN you need to know the current PIN.
This way if a user account is compromised it will be impossible to withdraw user funds without the knowledge of the PIN.

2. Withdrawal process.

We’ve also upgraded withdrawal process to make it easier to withdraw the funds yet maintaining user account security on a high level.

  • First step of Withdrawal process is to select the Wallet you would like to withdraw the funds from and the Token type (for example Ethereum ERC 20 or TRON TRC 20 type for USDT)

Exchange wallet is the main wallet on exchange used for trading, while the Private wallet is a decentralized private user wallet.
(read more about Private wallets here )

  • Once the wallet and a token type are selected and the amount is defined press Request Withdrawal. A pop-up window of a tamper-proof confirmation will appear with a Confirmation code.

Once the code is confirmed you will be forwarded to the page where a PIN and 2FA codes (via Email* or Google Authenticator app) are required to confirm the Withdrawal and finish the process.

Please mind that you only have 5 min window to confirm the Email code after clicking “Send code” button. Always check both Inbox and Spam folders of your mailbox for the verification code. If for whatever reason the code is not delivered you can request another Code once the 5 min timer runs out. After 3 consecutive unsuccessful attempts to confirm the withdrawal your account will be locked for the security measures and you will need to contact support team in order to unlock it.

  • If a Trading/Withdrawal Password (PIN) is not enabled yet, the system will request to enable the PIN first.

Once the PIN is set you shall be able to easily finish the Withdrawal process.

*When Enabling/Changing the PIN or confirming a Withdrawal with 2FA enabled via Email, please check both Inbox and Spam folders of your mailbox.
- If an email from Atomars ended up in Spam folder please kindly mark domain as a Safe sender in the mail server settings, so that all the future messages go straight into your Inbox.
- If you’re using platforms like Boxbe or similar to filter out spam please kindly make sure that it’s disabled for mails from or domain is whitelisted on the platform.