Pundi X Nem (NPXSXEM) Will Be Listed On Atomars

Pundi X Nem (NPXSXEM)?

Pundi X and NEM have partnered to drive mass adoption of cryptocurrencies, encourage their use in retail sectors around the world and usher in the next billion users. Their aim is to empower blockchain developers, holders of tokens and retailers to use cryptocurrency in buying and selling goods and services in physical stores anywhere around the world.

The partnership between these two companies has led to the development of POS devices for buying cryptocurrency with fiat money, debit/credit cards, mobile wallets or Pundi XPASS, which is a digital wallet represented in a physical form. The device will run on the NEM blockchain and carry tokens such as XEM and XAR as well as NPXSXEM, its native token.

For transactions to be cleared on the device or functionality added, there are fees that must be paid for in NPSXEM. Also fees charged in NPXSXEM will be paid to publish any app on the app store for the device. NPXSXEM is the default currency for settling all transactions.

The NPXSXEM token can be used as loyalty awards for consumers, and deducted from the total transaction amount. These features have been designed to encourage retailers and consumers to use NPXSXEM actively, and in the process help promote the token’s active use.

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Pundi X Nem (NPXSXEM) will be Listing on Atomars

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