Qredit (XQR) Will Be Listed On Atomars

What is Qredit?

Qredit is a next-generation blockchain platform that allows 3rd parties such as developers, researchers, scientists, private companies and individuals to create decentralized applications on a stable and trusted network.

Qredit offers many different types of solutions and utilises smart contracts on the Qredit blockchain. This functionality can be utilised by fundraisers, developers, researchers, agreements between several parties, escrow services, cloud applications, or any other 3rd party to monitor or store data permanently on the blockchain without the risk of losing or manipulation of data.

By design, Qredit provides a high capacity, fast and secure blockchain solution.

The core is written in TypeScript, which amongst many other benefits, enables communication over restful API’s. Qredit provides many SDK’s in several coding languages which allow developers to code in their own programming language.

This opens the eco-system up to thousands of developers and individuals.

Qredit also provides easy to understand tools for end-users, without any formal programming skills or technical knowledge.

How Does Qredit Work?

The Qredit Blockchain uses a Delegated Proof of Stake (DPoS) consensus algorithm. DPoS provides a reliable, stable network with full-time node operators, known as Delegates, backed up by relay node operators to secure the entire blockchain. Delegates are provided with rewards in the form of Qredit through an internal system that generates 10 XQR coins per 8 second block. These delegates are chosen by the holders of Qredit, who only select the most reliable node operators. This guarantees a fully reliable network.

Delegates also provide additional value-added services to the community, Qredit itself, and the wider blockchain community. This can take many forms, marketing, community outreach, tools for the community, tools to support the blockchain and open source code reviews.

Queries to the blockchain using API’s can be made through forging and relay nodes. This allows 3rd parties to interact with the blockchain directly, anytime, anywhere, without needing to download the entire blockchain.

Qredit blockchain combines the best security of current generation blockchains with the innovative features from the ARK core, while blending in the unique features provided by the Qredit blockchain. Qredit builds upon the best features of cryptocurrencies to enable fast transactions with dynamic fees and low cross-border transaction friction.

In short, Qredit aims to build an advanced decentralized ecosystem for any user to enter blockchain space. What we have achieved so far, is the result of hard work by a strong and dedicated team that was extended great support by community and early investors.

Qredit (XQR) will be Listed on Atomars

Qredit (XQR) has announced that it will be listed on Atomars on the 29th of February and trading pairs will be: XQR/BTC and XQR/ETH.

About Atomars Exchange

Atomars exchange is the new digital assets trading platform recently opened to the cryptocurrency marketplace. The exchange is presently removing the gap that exists between fiat and cryptocurrencies. Atomars exchange is a fast, safe, secure, and user-friendly platform that seeks to make everyone enjoy their time. Most of the popular cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and many more are available on the platform. Their web and mobile apps provide ease of easy and fun trading on the go.



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