Roobee (ROOBEE) Will Be Listed On Atomars

What is Roobee?

It is not uncommon for ordinary retail investors to be unable to access traditional investment instruments and or meet the high entry thresholds. Roobee provides a solid alternative with entry starting as low as a $10, thereby allowing virtually anyone to use their spare capital.


Token Use

  • Access more investment modes.
  • Reduce the cost of transactions for users on the platform.
  • Self-rebalance portfolios.
  • Purchase the products on the Roobee market.
  • Access the Roobee educational platform.
  • Get premium status on the platform.

From these, it is therefore clear that the ROOBEE token is a utility token rather than a security token. This makes regulatory compliance easier. The token is not a grant for permission in the company or assets, and therefore doesn’t represent a loan application and cannot be considered as a security.

A total of 5,400,000,000 ROOBEE tokens will be issued by the project. There will be no further emission outside of this. The token is mintable.

Team Members

Amine Berraoui (CEO)

Vladi Siganevic (CMO)

Oleg Gaidukov (CTO)

Denis Kaizer, Head of Blockchain R&D

Roobee will be Listing on Atomars

About Atomars

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