Salt (Salt) Will Be Listed On Atomars

What is Salt (SALT)?

How Does SALT Lending Work?


  1. Base (1 SALT/year)
  2. Premier (10 SALT/year)
  3. Enterprise (100 SALT/year)

As membership tiers increase, the user will be able to borrow more money across more currencies, along with more flexible loan terms. Higher tiers also enjoy a range of perks which include early access to new products , portfolio management and credit/debit cards. However, much of this has changed as loans can now be taken without the need for SALT.

SALT Lending Team & Progress

Erik Voorhees, founder and CEO of the popular crypto-to-crypto exchange Shapeshift, is the most notable member of the SALT team.

In January 2018, SALT reached a milestone as it began providing loans to top-tier members. The platform has handed out over 70,000 loans, with more than $50,000,000 being used to fund these loans.

SALT Token

Salt (SALT) will be Listing on Atomars

About Atomars

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