Siacoin (SC) Will Be Listed On Atomars

What is Sia?

Sia is leveraging on blockchain technology to bring decentralization into cloud storage. Sia’s vision is to create a storage server that is not under the control of a centralized authority, therefore won’t have a single point of failure. In addition to decentralizing control, Sia plans to create a platform where data stored in the cloud cannot be misused.

Siacoin Cryptocurrency Basics

Nebulous Labs, created Sia after it chose to settle on cloud storage space, an industry worth over $170 billion dollars and with heavy hitters such as Google, Dropbox, Amazon, Microsoft and others competing to convince users to store data on their cloud servers.

Sia was created to disrupt the cloud-storage industry by providing a data storage option that is truly decentralized. Rather than use a centralized server address, Sia offers a decentralized blockchain storage system.

The basis of the modern internet is based on an ecosystem of computers and networks sharing data and Sia’s peer-to-peer blockchain storage as a service solution is by far one of the greatest representation of internet 4.0.

About the Siacoin (SC)

Siacoin (SC) can only be stored in Siacoin’s wallet and it is used to power transactions in the Sia ecosystem. In essence, the providers are host servers and the users are client Servers. Hosts are compensated by users for hosting their data in a free-market crypto-economy.

Even though Sia is a strong technology, it is yet to gain mass adoption the likes of startups like Dropbox did. Dropbox used referral bonuses to incentive users to spread the word about their great product and today, it generates up to one billion dollars in revenue yearly.

In the meantime, every day $2 million worth of Siacoin is traded and some of the exchanges where SC is being traded include. Binance, Bittrex, HITBTC, LBank, and Upbit. It is traded in pairs with BTC, ETH, and USDT.

Siacoin (SC) will be Listing on Atomars

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