SpringRole (SPRING) Will Be Listed On Atomars

What is SpringRole (SPRING)?

How Does It Work?

SpringRole crowdsources skill reputation, which rests on the people making endorsements based on skill sets. The skill level of the person endorsing determines the weight of skill endorsements and they will not count until it is accepted by both the sender and the receiver. When people in the user’s network earn SpringRole rewards, they, along with the user and organizations that have attested for that person, all gain percentages of it. Talents can use the platform’s messaging feature to reach out to potential employers and express an interest in working in their organization. For every message received, users are paid in SpringRole’s cryptocurrency, SPRING tokens.

There is a note feature on the platform as well, which allows job-seekers to make notes about those who have contacted them. Users also get the chance to showcase their freelance projects so that potential employers can view them.

SpringRole is headquartered in Santa Monica, California and generates over $22,000 in revenue per employee. Some of SpringRole’s investors include AlphaBlock Investments, Wavemaker Genesis, and BlockWater Capital. Some of SpringRole’s competitors include Textio, Rampup, and Hiring Solved.

SpringRole announced recently that it is partnering with WorkCoin, a blockchain-based platform for freelancers focused on transparency, and Bloom, a credit scoring system that is also based on the blockchain.

SpringRole (SPRING) Will be Listing on Atomars

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