SynchroBit (SNB) Will Be Listed On Atomars

What is Synchrobit?

SynchroBit platform features

User Experience (UX) is one of the significant issues on every digital asset trading platform, including SynchroBit™. Despite eye-catching User Interface (UI) that most of the users care about, users should also consider well-engineered UX due to its impact on their decision making and profitability.

To create a seamless UX, SYNCHRONIUM® has considered both security and functionality in designing SynchroBit™. SynchroBit™ is available via web and smartphone. Using SynchroBit™ is quite easy and user-friendly. In the upcoming versions of SynchroBit™, users will enjoy the advanced dashboard, which helps them to manage their trade and experience on SynchroBit™.

SynchroBit™ is Faster: Since it handles orders faster than ever and responds to customer support requests instantly, by using the advanced technologies, every transaction on SynchroBit™ takes place in about 40 Nanosecond which makes it the fastest exchange ever. Users will receive their customer support services instantly. In addition to the advanced customer service technologies, SynchroBit™ staff is well trained and experienced in providing instant customer support.

SynchroBit™ is Cheaper: SynchroBit™ aims to generate its income from value-added services to users and therefore, the trading fees on SynchroBit™ is competitive and cheaper. Also, the trading fees for SNB token is zero.

SynchroBit™ is Smarter: SynchroBit™ benefits from AI technology to provide users with high-quality data and analytics. Therefore, SynchroBit™ users can trade smartly during the uncertainty in the market. The AI provides the users with market insights about the listed digital assets by analyzing various indicators and other exchanges.

SynchroBit™ is Easier: SynchroBit™ is open to the users’ feedback and employs these feedback to improve its services and performance. SynchroBit™ will conduct periodic surveys to analyze the users’ experiences on SynchroBit and improve its UI and UX.

SynchroBit™ Hybrid Exchange is designed for both professionals and rookies. It provides its users with a wide range of innovative features in trading, data analysis, decision making, risk management, security of funds, etc.

SynchroBit (SNB) will be Listed on Atomars

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