Tokoin (TOKO) Will Be Listed On Atomars

What is Tokoin (TOKO)?

Tokoin comes from two words, which are “toko” and “in”. In it, Toko refers to a small Indonesian building. It is a place for supply and trade of products that meet the needs of users. “In” is from the Indonesian language, where it relates to “making”. Tokoin, therefore, means turning a small building into a place for carrying out large transactions and meeting everyone’s needs.

Projects want to find solutions that help their company rise, mostly leveraging on the power of technology. Tokoin Project (TOKO) was born for this reason.

How Tokoin will benefit MSMEs

Because of the excessively large number of these, Tokoin will not work separately from each business. They are aiming for short, basic steps, forming credit unions with thousands of users. Along with this, there will be the lobbying process, creating sustainable changes starting from Indonesia.

What is TOKO?

Tokoin (TOKO) will be Listing on Atomars

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