V Systems (VSYS) Will Be Listed On Atomars

What is V Systems?

In November 2018, the project was launched as a working blockchain and over several months gained plenty of momentum, which has seen it break into CoinMarketCap’s Top 100 list.

The consensus specialist Sunny King created Peercoin, which inspired the designs of many other blockchains. The Proof of Stake system, which was still very controversial in 2012, was pioneered by Peercoin.

He also created Primecoin in 2013, which pioneered the unique Proof of Work system. Primecoin miners worked to discover new prime numbers and engage in work that benefits humanity.

V Systems is engaging in a lot of activities now, with several projects in development and other projects near completion. Some partnerships include Tachycon, a collaborative project with X-VPN to build core infrastructure, and SesameOpen, a project for the creation of a disruptive “middle layer protocol” for blockchain e-commerce.

V Systems Decentralized Application Platform

Those that lease their coins to the supernodes keep control of their private keys and more rights over network governance. There are sixty slots for supernodes, and one is for every second in one minute. This design ensures fast emission and block minting times that are predictable.

Several wallet software choices for VSYS tokens are available, which include a web-based and corresponding Android wallet. There is also support for IoS as well as Trezor and Ledger hardware devices.

The infrastructure, especially for utility development, is highly competitive, and V Systems is constantly seeking new projects. Developers who wish to build on the platform will find that the V Systems API, SDK and code libraries available in different supported languages.

A recently deployed token creation system allows users to create and issue their own tokens. This is intended to grow into a full smart contract platform in 2020, which supports EOS and Ethereum styled smart contracts as V Systems’ white paper states.

V Systems will be Listed on Atomars

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