Zcoin Listing on Atomars Exchange

Dear ATOMARS community,

We are delighted to announce the listing of the ZCOIN project on ATOMARS exchange.

ZCOIN deposits are starting on 15th September, 2019 and is operational at once and trading is open with the following pairs: XZC/BTC, XZC/ETH, and XZC/USDT.


Zcoin, a decentralized cryptocurrency, is the foremost complete execution of the Sigma Protocol. Zcoin is a currency which enables private financial transactions and allows users to have a total confidentiality through a zero-knowledge cryptographic proofs. It is important to understand that Zcoin is not linked to any other cryptocurrencies making use of the Zerocash Protocol. Even though the Zerocash is a progression from Zcoin’s old protocol, Zerocoin, their individual applications are not in whatever way identical to each other, rather they depend on dissimilar cryptographic conventions with several trade-offs. However, both methods serves as an addition to the other quite well, and it is interestingly amazing to say and refer to them as identical projects.



One can have the access to “mint” a coin that is discovered on the open ledger into a private coin and this can be actualized with Zcoin’s Sigma Technology. This helps to bring a disruption to any form of connections during transactions and thus guaranteeing absolute privacy. The anonymity set with Zcoin is intensely on a higher degree. Rather than having the anonymity restricted to a little number, usually a few dozen, Zcoin possesses an anonymity that has been set to encompass all minted coins in an exact RSA accumulator. This procedure can go through many thousands and contrasting from other solutions is not questionable to transaction graph analysis. Zerocoin technology also certifies that Zcoin’s transactions are handled in a safe and completely private manner.

Dandelion / Tor

Zcoin has incorporated Tor to disable the visibility of your IP address. Also, while distributing and completing a transaction on the network, Dandelion++ also further hides the IP address.

Merkle Tree Proof (MTP)

This is referred to as Zcoin’s exclusive Proof-of-Work algorithm with an emphasis on ASIC-resistance and also egalitarian mining for all users

Fast and Lightweight Verification

Although MTP is memory demanding to get a solution, if obtained, its solution can be speedily and proficiently confirmed without necessitating the use of a lot of memory. This is significantly imperative because it ensures that verification are done in quick time and hence, enabling the network to repel DoS attack that target users.

Egalitarian Computing

MTP was also created as a means to remove the discrepancy that exists between ordinary users and antagonists / cheaters where the latter utilizes numerous methods to gain a substantial lead and generate an attack.

Zcoin Wallet

We are happy to announce our beta Zcoin wallet which we immensely believe will enhance the user experience. The Zcoin wallet also encourages Sigma minting.

There are still other new features on the wallet that are still a work in progress: they are

· Znode starting

· Console features

· Auto selection of denominations for Sigma mints.

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